What can improve your sex life

What can improve your sex life
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Nothing complicated, try and enjoy the result.

1. Physical activity

Physical activity strengthens the cardiovascular system, and hence sexual health. Such conclusions were made on the basis of observations of 3,906 men aged 41-45 and 2,264 women aged 31-35 from different countries. All of them were actively involved in running, swimming, cycling or triathlon.

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It turned out that men who exercised a little more than an hour daily were about 22% less likely to experience erection problems than their peers who exercised less than 2 hours a week.

Women also found a direct link between cardio and sexual desire. Improving vascular tone and accelerating blood flow helps to warm up faster in bed, and as a result, orgasm brings more pleasure.

If you don’t have much time to exercise, try to get  at least 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity. This will not only help support the heart and blood vessels, but also reduce stress levels. 

2. Calm

Psychologists insist  that our main erogenous zone is still the brain, and stress destroys libido in the bud. So, before sex, the mind must be cleared of extraneous thoughts and tuned to the desired wave as much as possible. This can be done with simple meditation techniques .

3. Study yourself

Masturbation raises self-esteem, relieves stress and improves sleep. With its help, you get to know your body: what you like, where, with what intensity and at what pace. And yes, solo sex does not hurt, even if you do it every day.

4. Healthy eating

Healthy nutrition is vital for the heart and blood vessels. It helps to maintain an optimal weight, which means it affects our sense of self and physical capabilities. Recommendations are no different . o Border on added sugar, fatty foods and salt.  Choose  vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, vegetable sources of protein, unsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

Speaking of nuts. Spanish physiologists studied for 14 weeks a group of 40 healthy men aged 18–35 who daily included 60 g of nuts (a mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds) in their usual diet. Then they compared the results with the testimony of peers who did not use them. It turned out that the guys from the first group had a marked increase in sexual desire, and the orgasm became brighter.

True, the researchers could not explain what exactly the power of nuts is. The results of blood tests showed no significant changes in its composition. But if you love nuts, then nothing stops you from trying.

5. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. In the future, this will help keep the organs in place and reduce the likelihood of urinary and fecal incontinence. And in the present, training greatly improves the quality of sexual life. In men, they help to achieve an erection and prolong sexual intercourse. And in women, they strengthen the muscles of the vagina, improve blood circulation, so that more lubrication is produced, and allow you to reach orgasm more often.

6. Enough sleep

Quality sleep improves well-being and psychological state. Therefore, the enthusiasm in bed is growing and the partners are satisfied with each other.

Scientists from the University of Chicago found that with 5 hours of sleep a day, testosterone levels in men are reduced by 10-15% compared to peers who sleep 8 hours a day. This is because the lion’s share of the hormone is produced in the phase of deep sleep.

Similar studies have been conducted among women. The results of one of them show that just one extra hour of sleep leads to a 14% increase in sexual activity.

7. Touch outside of sex

Hugs, kisses, stroking, hand in hand – all this activates the release of hormones in the brain no worse than sex. This is one of the ways to strengthen the attachment in a couple (and improve the quality of intimate life!).

8. Conversations

If people have nothing to talk about, then even passionate intimacy will not work in the long run. The best sex is usually with the person you love. Try to achieve spiritual unity and build strong trusting relationships, and you will reap the rewards in the form of a rich and interesting intimate life.

9. Emotional intelligence

The better it is developed, the more pleasure sex brings. At least when it comes to women.

Studies conducted within the walls of King’s College London have shown that girls with high emotional intelligence are more likely to have an orgasm. Moreover, both during masturbation and during normal sexual intercourse. It’s all about the ability to connect fantasy, realize your feelings, and also intelligibly communicate your desires to your partner.

10. Novelty

A break from the usual routine causes the brain to produce dopamine. Thanks to this substance, sex becomes brighter, and orgasms happen more often. Therefore, even veteran couples have a honeymoon on vacation. If there is no opportunity to break into a romantic trip, try role-playing games, closeness in unexpected places, new poses.

11. Romance

Most people chuckle at the movie cliché of the path of petals on the way to the bedroom, but the fact remains: it works. It is not necessary to follow the script, try some small details:

  • dinner for two;
  • candles;
  • soft romantic music;
  • long kisses;
  • foam bath;
  • massage;
  • strawberries with cream.

12. Prelude

Warm up before penetration . Even if sometimes you are in the mood for quick sex, in general, foreplay improves blood flow in the genitals, increases the amount of lubrication, which means it makes the sensations more pleasant. Try to start with 10 minutes, and in the future go up to 30 or more.

13. Auxiliaries

Cosmetics, accessories, toys – choose to your taste. If a harness with a strap-on is more likely to scare a beginner, then a lubricant will definitely make sex better for any couple. Just do not confuse your expectations with the real opinion of your partner. Sometimes we agree to very unexpected offers of loved ones, you just need to ask.

14. No script in mind

You can’t control the process like a director. You may have some general ideas, but in the end everything will be as it should be. In order not to take a steam bath because of a mismatch with the ideal picture, it is better not to dwell on it and let go of expectations.

15. Caring for each other

You need to be not only a gentle lover, but also an attentive partner. Do not what you would like for yourself, but what your beloved would like from you, because your desires may differ. Do not drag your partner to have fun when he is tired at work or school. Meet in the evening, cook dinner, share household chores.

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